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HiFX cheap online money transfers | finder.com Oct 07, 2019 · The main way HiFX makes money is on the spread, which is the difference between the prices at which it buys and sells currency. Because it deals in large volumes and has lower overheads than the banks, HiFX can offer better exchange rates to its customers than you would find from your bank.

HiFX, Foreign Currency Exchange, Ecuador | Expat-Quotes HiFX Online provides you with the quickest and easiest way to convert £50 – £300,000 online at the touch of a button wherever you have access to the internet. Margin Regulator Fee Mini Currencies Service 0.7% FSA, HMRC Free or £9 < £3k £50 / €60 GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, NZD, CAD, CHF to 19 currencies Overseas Property, Regular Payments, Spot, Online Ecuador HiFX Review 2020 | Read This Before Sending Money (Exclusive) HiFX, like its partner XE, does’t charge any stated upfront fees. Instead, they each charge a small margin on midmarket rates. Exchange rates are fixed the moment a transfer is locked in. Margins on the exchange rate typically cost users between 1.3% and 1.6%.

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On average, HiFX offers exchange rates within about 0.4% of the mid-market rate . For example, if  22 Jul 2019 With a HiFX account, now rebranded as XE Money Transfer, you can transfer money in 60 currencies from around the world.⁴ These include  Founded in 1998 HiFX is a trusted global payments and foreign exchange specialist, providing clients with the ability make overseas payments, track those   HiFX are a trusted global payments and foreign exchange specialist with a reputation for providing consistently competitive exchange rates and tailored currency  HiFX (New Zealand), Auckland, New Zealand. 5.7K likes. Currency Exchange. Highlights info row I use HIFX frequently to make transfers to family overseas. Expert guidance from dedicated currency specialists and a range of services including the ability to fix and exchange rate today for up to 12 months in to the future 

HiFX offers friendly telephone support, and is happy to help with any type of transaction, including the assistance of a Personal Account Manager if you’re transferring large amounts. Although HiFX claims that it offers bank-beating exchange rates, it is not so easy to compare.

15 Dec 2010 The specialist foreign exchange providers, aimed at the public, who the managing director of one of the biggest FX firms, HiFX in Windsor,  HiFX - Online Bank-Beating International Money Transfer ... "Been operating a HiFX account for two years, to make a monthly transfer to an account with a foreign (EU) bank, as well as other occasional transfers. I found it easy to set up, with helpful staff on the phone. Making transfers is very simple, quick and reliable - …

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Would not use any other service for currency exchange. Would recommend HiFX/XE to anyone person wishing to exchange currencies. Useful. Share. Reply. HiFX is the UK's leading independent provider of foreign exchange services to private individuals and businesses around the globe. Every year they help over  We can do this by providing little to no fees, wholesale exchange rates and a greater range of tools and processes. HiFX Currency Services is now one of the  HiFX help more than 100,000 individuals and businesses transfer money every year quickly, easily, securely and at highly competitive exchange rates. A part of 

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HiFX is a large and trusted international foreign exchange business, which was recently re-branded under the brand XE Money Transfer. HiFX stated that "By bringing our two companies together, we are combining XE’s 25 years of authority in currency exchange andHiFX’s comprehensive range of money transfer services."

22 Jul 2019 With a HiFX account, now rebranded as XE Money Transfer, you can transfer money in 60 currencies from around the world.⁴ These include